Friday, February 24, 2023

Why is Beijing proposing a peaceful “plan” right now ?

The main cause is that China has realized that West countries are ready to move Beijing in trade and supply chains in Eurasia, and in the medium term, to a certain extent, to limit China to the ASEAN / Asia-Pacific market.

And replace China with India!

That’s why the rapid reopening of the economy after covid. That’s why - practically copying the position of the West (and aimed at diplomatic normalization with it) points of the “peace plan”. That’s why the political overtures to Europe (a key market in Eurasia for China) and tensions with the United States. That’s why the point of the “plan”: “Ensure the sustainability of production and supply chains. It is necessary to defend the existing world economic system by practical actions, to oppose attempts to politicize the world economy, and also to use it as a tool and weapon. In order to prevent damage to the recovery of the global economy, it is necessary to jointly neutralize the negative consequences of the crisis, in particular for international cooperation in the field of energy, finance, grain trade and logistics.”

Indian Prime Minister of Great Britain. Biden nominates an Indian to head the World Bank. India orders over 1,000 new Boeing and Airbus aircraft by 2032. Westerners are trying to transfer production to India. The supply and logistics chains in Eurasia on which the West depends are gradually beginning to duplicate themselves along the ASEAN-India-Middle East-Europe lines parallel to the already existing Trans-Siberian Railway (today monopolized by China) and Beijing’s New Silk Road through Central Asia.

And all this in the last six months.

China is in a hurry and, judging by the content of the “peace plan”, the West has so far managed to comb it through trade, despite all the “latest Chinese warnings”.