Monday, October 3, 2022

South Korea is ramping up its weapons exports

South Korea is actively increasing the export of weapons - in 2021 it delivered them abroad for $ 7 billion. Not so much like, but the amount has doubled in a year! This year, it is expected to reach 10 billion, i.e., it will almost triple compared to 2020.

Poland, in particular, announced its readiness to purchase about a thousand (!) South Korean K2 tanks and more than 600 South Korean K9 self-propelled guns. If the deal goes through, its price will reach at least $7 billion. In August, within the framework of this plan, the first bilateral contract was already signed.

K9 self-propelled guns go especially well - they praise their firing range, rate of fire, and speed of movement. Australia and Egypt have already decided to buy them. Next in line are Finland and Estonia.

The case is not limited to armored vehicles. The Emirates signed a contract for the purchase of South Korean surface-to-air missiles. Seoul is also developing its own combat aircraft, which it would like to produce together with Indonesia.

In short, in the list of arms trading countries, South Korea has now moved from 14th to 8th place. A very impressive result.