Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Strengthening the Japanese Navy

Two of the latest destroyers of the Japanese Navy “Maya” and “Haguro” with the Aegis multi-purpose tracking and guidance system successfully hit the ballistic missiles of the alleged enemy during the exercises off the Hawaiian Islands. At the same time, as announced today by the Ministry of Defense of the country, “Maya” for the first time used again the latest missile of the joint US-Japanese development SM3 Block2A, which, as they say, has greatly improved interception capabilities.

The two ships thus confirmed their combat performance. And now Japan has eight Aegis missile ships ready for battle - more than any other US ally.

This fleet is to play a major role in Japan’s missile defense system, which is focused primarily on China and North Korea.

During the exercises near Hawaii, the US military launched dummy ballistic missiles. Japanese destroyers destroyed them outside the Earth’s atmosphere. At the same time, they intensively exchanged information, helped each other to fix and maintain goals. The Japanese missile defense system, by the way, is strongly integrated with the American one.