Sunday, October 30, 2022

India’s nuclear arsenal

How many nuclear weapons does India have in 2022?

India now has 160 nuclear warheads ranging from 10 to 40 kilotons, as well as 128 nuclear weapon carriers. This was reported by the Federation of American Scientists - a rather interesting organization.

Initially, it was created on their own initiative by participants in the Manhattan Project to create the world’s first atomic bomb in the United States. Then the structure was seriously strengthened, almost 70 Nobel laureates are now its sponsors. The Federation is engaged in research and reports in the field of nuclear weapons.

So - in India, according to this organization, 64 ballistic missiles are equipped with nuclear warheads. Range from 350 to 3.2 thousand kilometers. Next year, missiles with a range of up to 3,500 and 5,000 kilometers will be put into service. On the way - a range of up to 6 thousand kilometers. Large missiles are openly aimed at China, since there are already enough nuclear forces to strike Pakistan for a long time.

The Indian Air Force has 32 combat aircraft capable of carrying nuclear weapons. These are 32 French Mirage 2000 and 16 Anglo-French Jaguar IS. They can deliver nuclear bombs with a yield of up to 12 kilotons to the target.

So far, the nuclear potential of the Indian Navy is reduced to one nuclear submarine with 12 missiles and two surface ships with one missile each. Soon the Navy will include another nuclear submarine with nuclear missiles capable of hitting targets even in the Beijing area.